Date Night, Black Panther.. Oh and I drink G&T's now

So last Saturday was a first of a few things. It was the first date night (and Valentine's date) Tony and I have had since Willow was born (ahem 18 months ago...).

We saw the midnight showing of Black Panther at the BFI Imax in Waterloo. We got there a little early so I thought I'd try and be all grown up so I got me a G&T. Pretty boring right? Well up until last Tuesday I have absolutely hated this beverage. I hate pretty much all alcohol as I don't really drink anymore. 

But last Tuesday my sister introduced me to a grapefruit flavoured gin and omg, YUM!

G&T's are my alcoholic beverage of choice now.

A bloody fiver!!

A bloody fiver!!




This film is EPIC.

For me, the empowerment of women in this film made me emotional. The King of Wakanda seeks wisdom, security and guidance from women. They are not seen as weaker or less able nor are they made to appear sexually desirable (HOO-FUCKING-RAY!).

With this in mind, I can't imagine how empowering this film is to people of Afro-Caribbean descent. For once no token black character that is the first to die/criminal/baby father/baby mother/sassy nurse/  etc etc.  It was wonderful to see so many other cinema goers in traditional dress, the whole vibe of the cinema was buzzing! I've never known a vibe like this before.

I don't have a vast knowledge of African culture, however, I understood the African Culture to be so well represented in this film because so many cinema goers were that excited to talk about it that they forgot about the post-credit scenes (spoiler: There's two!).