Self Care Treats - P.F. Candle Co.

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Hop Of Hackney have a wonderful selection of soy candles, I've recently found out non-soy wax candles irritate my throat.

They stock P.F. Candle Co. candles which   are not cheap but they are worth a treat.

The Teakwood and Tobacco has a warm musk scent to it which is perfect for winter. The brown jar gives a lovely subtle glow to the room for when I'm working in the evening or getting Willow down for a nap.  It's fragrance gently lingers for a good hour or so after it is put out.

The brown jar and the typewriter font on a brown label give it a charming home made artisan feel. It would look lovely on display on a shelf with some greenery.

Opting for cheap scented non-soy candles is risky as they either hardly smell at all or are incredible overpowering. They are also usually cheap for a reason, they likely have a load of chemical garbage thrown in it which you then breathe as it burns. 

If you know of any other soy candle companies, please comment below. 

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