Why I Love Being A Virtual Assistant

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Three years ago I would have said a Virtual Whaaat? I didn't even know this world existed until I stumbled upon it nearly two years ago.

In March 2016, I had started my dream job at WAH Nails as a nail artist and I was also five months pregnant. A few months later the owner asked me if I wanted to handle the salon bookings from home which I could then continue doing after I had my baby so I could still earn an income. 

So I took the salon laptop and phone home and I bloody enjoyed it. I loved being the first point of contact for new and existing clients. I also supported with in-house events, pop-ups, staff scheduling and sales analysis. All from home. I'd had regular training in complaint handling and relationship building from my previous job within retail banking so I was in great position for this role.

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I left to become freelance because I felt like there was so much I had to offer than what the salon needed. Since the age of 18 I have worked in Retail, HR, Banking, Sales and I'd also taught myself other skills such as video editing, image editing, several design skills, social media management (and so much more, these are just what comes to mind). 

I look to find different ways of adding value to the business. As Bookings Manager for WAH Nails, I would often get emails from friends/boyfriends/girlfriends/sisters etc wanting to book appointments for someone as a gift but have no idea what treatment to book. This made booking difficult because it would be hard to establish whether they'd need gel removal, infills, a particular design or whatever so I created the Treat Yo'self package. For £75 they get a 60-minute appointment, any nail art on natural nails or existing acrylics, a glass of prosecco and gift. I turned what would have been probably £50 earned in an hour to £75 and an instagrammable experience simply by spotting the opportunity.

I adore the variety being a VA brings. One minute I'm doing excel data entry another I'm designing business cards and recruiting staff for cool pop-ups. Even though I left a corporate role to be a creative, I do miss that kind of work sometimes and I find being a VA balances out the creative and corporate nicely. 

What I am really passionate about is helping people get their business running, finding opportunities and making money. Behind every freelancer, small business etc there is a mountain of work that needs doing that requires time, expertise and/or experience and all of these are limited when starting and running a business. It can be hard justifying the £15-£25ph cost of a VA but if that frees up an hour to make £100 it's better than doing the task yourself and making £0 surely? 

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What do you think? Would you hire a virtual assistant? If not, what's the first objection that comes to mind?