5 Tips To Get Your First Virtual Assistant Clients

Becoming a virtual assistant and getting those clients at the very beginning is very tough but it only takes a few to get the ball rolling. Once you know what services you want to provide it will be easier to maretker yourself as a Virtual Assistant and signing up your first clients.

1. Mindset

Whatever your mindset is, this is the vibe you give out.

If you constantly think 'I'm never gonna get any clients, get clients to sign up is too hard, this sucks' you're giving out the vibe that you don't want them so they'll never come. You have to believe you will have clients. Say it to yourself 'The Clients Are On Their Way', call it manifesting, the universe whatever. Your mindset dictates your vibe and that is what people pick up on.

2. Who Do You Want Your Clients To Be?

The beauty of being a self-employed virtual assistant is you get to decide the who, the what and when. I knew I wanted to work with cool, niche, creative businesses and freelancers so I made a list of 100 of my ideal clients. I checked my following list on Instagram, then checked out who they followed and found more there.

3. Go To Places/ Events That Your Ideal Client Will Also Be At

This could be as simple as searching a keyword on Eventbrite and seeing what comes up. There are regularly free/ reasonably priced events going on and they are great places to network. If you're part of a co-work space look for networking events that are coming up.

Don't go with expectations, just say hello and then let the conversation flow. Don't go with the expectation that you're there to talk about your business. You're introducing not pitching yourself.

4. Do Your Research 

What kind of business do they offer? What time-consuming tasks do you think are going on behind the scenes that you think you could take care of? 

Really look at their website and social media accounts. Look for something that highlights a need you could provide a solution for. Do they regularly post how busy/tired they are? Do they list all the clients they have worked for on their website? Do their social media accounts look like they need sprucing up? 

5. Write An Email

 This is your follow-up email to meeting them, if you saw them but didn't get a chance to talk, a 'sorry I missed you, I wanted to say Hi' email or a cold email to one of your 100 List. Use your research to highlight a need and indicate YOU are the solution. Don't get into detail, just imply the offer is there to chat.

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The worst they can say is 'No, Thanks' but that doesn't mean it ends there. Chances are this person knows others that might benefit from your service and will refer you.

And if they say yes, GREAT! Schedule that call/ meeting in and get the ball rolling! 

Once you sign up your first client the nest one will be easier, I promise.


Let me know how you get on.

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