Didn't Get The Exam Results You Hoped For? Guess What, It Doesn't Matter.

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This week was a key time in millions of students lives. For some it was a sigh of relief, others not so much. There is no doubt many did their absolute best and worked extremely hard. And there are some who didn't try their hardest because they felt they didn't have a reason to. 

As hard as it is to believe you have not just had the rest of your life decided for you. 

I ended up with one B and five C's in GCSEs. I had originally wanted to do music A'Level but in a parents evening, my GCSE music teacher advised my mum and I that it would be best not to as I wasn't a strong candidate.

My music teacher was the first man to literally break my heart as music was all I ever thought about doing. I stopped caring after that. My A' Levels were a mess, I just didn't care and didn't know what to do now that music was out of the question ( it didn't have to be but that's how 16-year-old me saw it). So I chose subjects that might be easy and would hate the least. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life so I just chose PE, Sociology and Media. I ended up with a D, E and F. 

I took my GCSEs in 1999 and A'Levels in 2001. It was conditioned into me and many others that your exam results will define you as a success or a failure. I was made to believe by the older generations in my family that by not getting good exam results I would have nothing but shit jobs for the rest of my life. In their defence, many didn't have the option of going into further education as they had to contribute the financial running of the household and couldn't hope for much better than cleaning jobs. I suppose they saw further education as the only way out of it.

This is a massively outdated way of thinking, you can make your own path. There are soooo many resources, many of which are free.  Kerri Northcott used Youtube to learn how to sew and she now has a very successful children's clothing line.

Your life is not decided by decisions you make or exam results you receive in your teens.

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