Instagram - What Metrics Are Important?

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I’ve been managing a few of my clients instagram accounts recently and though I’d share what I’ve learned.

In particular, what metrics I pay attention to. I have found that I care less and less about likes. If a business has liked a few of your posts and even followed you it’s not because they like you. If you don’t follow back they’re probably unfollow you in a few days.

Way back when I was a nail artist looking to build my following I would like as many photos as Instagram would let me on the hashtag #newnails - i figured someone that had just got their nails done would use that hashtag- hoping that my unusual username pinging up on someone’s phone would cause a spike of curiosity. They’d check out my account and hopefully follow. It worked a bit, I didn’t get thousands but I got a good few followers that way.

Below are some examples of recent post metrics (note: you must have a business insta account for these)

instagram engagement
Instagram engagement.jpg

Note that the number of likes on both posts did nothing to bring in actual engagement. Unless Profile Visits/Shares and Bookmarks are at least a third/ half of the number of likes then likes are meaningless.

I got 53 likes on a photo? Big whoop, it’s probably the hashtag #entrepreneur I used that sent them to me. 
Comments are great if someone’s being tagged in one or you’ve got an engaging convo going with your followers. But what’s also annoying is biz accounts doing the ‘like’ thing with comments which are usually one or two words ‘THATS GREAT!’ ‘LOVE IT!’ etc or lone emojis ‘🔥’ ‘❤️‘ that are completely irrelevant to your content or in some cases, entirely inappropriate.
No, I think for business growth it’s far more important to be concerned about:

Profile Visits - This is what I pay most attention to
Someone has seen what you posted and wants more info. This could be to see if you’re worth a follow, who else follows you, what else you’ve posted, what you do or a way to contact you. Make sure your profile bio holds as much relevant info as possible. I make sure all the relevant info can be seen within the first three seconds of someone clicking on my profile

Shared (the paper plane thing icon)
Someone has privately shared your post with someone else. They think this other person will like what you post. Win!

Your post has been saved. You’ve inspired someone or they may want to repost at some point.

The only way to is to be sure your content is worth engaging with:

  • Who do you want to be intrigued to find out more about you?

  • What do they engage with?

  • Be consistent in everything - Tone, colour palette, photo quality

And don’t, for goodness sake, fall for the ‘Algorithm’ non-sense. Instagram is NOT only showing 7% of your content. Instagram shows people what it thinks they want to see based on what they engage with and the accounts they follow. If your content doesn’t fall into either of those categories then it will hardly be shown.